You've Tried It All

The group classes.

The DVDs.

Open access gyms.

Each one left you feeling further from your goals, wondering if fitness is even a thing you can make happen.

It was them, not you.

Those systems don't recognize that you're an individual who needs a program built around YOUR life.

The group classes are fun, until you realize they're not built for your specific goals.

The DVDs leave you wondering if you're moving correct, and craving more accountability.

Your gym doesn't really want you there, and when you do show up you feel lost in a sea of machines.

When you start with us, we remove those roadblocks.

 You get the custom plan that respects you as the individual you are.

You get the accountability from a coach who cares.

You know you belong and have friends inside these walls.

You succeed in your goals, and you set new goals you never thought possible.


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Don’t take our word for it! Check out what some of our clients and visitors have said about their experience with Ardent Fitness.

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This gym is so amazing! I love how motivating all of the coaches are. I am currently doing personal training with Coach Sarah and she is so great at tailoring the work-out to help with my specific problems (knee pain). I’m seeing results already and it’s only been 2.5 months. Come check it out! You won’t regret it!

Ashley C.
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Best Place Ever! Not even kidding! I was not a fan of exercise and never found a place that really inspired me to want to enjoy it.... until Ardent Fitness! The coaches and members make you feel like part of the family on day 1 and every day after that. 

They know everyone’s names and check in with you when you aren’t there! You are never just a number here... you are a member! 

I am not the most fit and that’s ok, the team really helps me work on my fitness at my level (with a little extra push) and I am grateful! 

Check them out!

Janice H.
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It’s hard to imagine a better gym exists in the world! I was completely new to fitness and they made me feel welcome right away. Everything was scaled to my level. The gym is clean, the equipment is varied, and the workouts are fun and addictive. All the coaches are professional and so supportive. Best of all, you are really known here. Everyone from the owner to the newest members take the time to get to know each other and cheer for each other. It’s the kind of place that stands by you for the long haul.

Laura I.