The Magic Weight Loss and Performance Pill is..

Monday, October 22, 2018 - 16:18

I'm sure if you're on social media you've seen it, too. Every week somebody has the next "best thing ever" that will transform your life and shred those 20lbs that you've been trying to lose forever.

It might work, short term, but gimmicks like that will only leave your body worse-off in the long run. Trust me, I've been there and tried that. Most of the "quick fix" supplements are loaded with junk that will only mess with your system and create more difficulties in reaching and maintaining your health and fitness goals.

The one true "magic pill" is hard work and trust in the process. Real results do not come overnight but when done right they come consistently and stay for a long time. "Eat nuts and seeds, meat and veggies, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar." This is the CrossFit prescription from way-back-when and it still applies when I am building out a new client's nutrition journey.

Supplements are not meant to be your main source of nutrients or intake. It says so right in the name - "supplement." In fact, here at Ardent Fitness we do not recommend supplements for new nutrition clients until they have a firm grasp on how to eat quality foods and are using the plate method for portion control. The only thing I give new clients is protein powder to help post-workout intake and to help meet daily protein needs. However, you never stop with the quality intake and paying attention to how much you are eating. You can't buy *insert supplement here* and expect it to work if you're eating from a drive-thru or skipping breakfast or snacking on junk food throughout the day.

But Coach Sarah, this "30 day package" has so many testimonials and good results!

It may have good results, but most are not results that you see people keep. These packages are designed to get you hooked on a company's products, thinking they were the magic pill. In reality the 30 day cleanse or whatever it was just put you into a massive caloric deficit for a month and  now your body is struggling to fuel itself, creating more future body composition issues.

Do you spend the money on quality groceries? Do you have good lean meat, plentiful vegetables, and clean carb sources? If no and you're considering buying a "quick fix," go to the grocery store and instead spend the money there, on the stuff you need.

There is no magic weight-loss pill. There is no squat cycle that will add 20% to your numbers in 6 weeks. There is no 6 week gymnastics training that will give you a muscle-up if you don't yet have a pull-up.

Put in the work. Trust the process. Reap the rewards.

-Coach Sarah E


CF Gymnastics

USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach