Consistency is King. But if you fall, get back up.

Friday, October 12, 2018 - 14:07
Everyone knows that the best way to get the results you're wanting is consistency in and out of the gym. So of course if you fall off then it must be over, right?

Wrong. The most important thing to do after missing a few days in the gym or missing a week of eating well is to get back on the wagon, as soon as possible. Just because you took a break from your healthy habits does not mean it's all over.

Some skills or weights may be harder when you return to the gym. It may take a couple weeks to get back in the groove with meal prep.  But how much harder will those changes be when you try to make them five or ten or fifteen years from now? Fitness is a lifelong marathon, not a sprint. There will be weeks were you "walk" instead of "run" and there may even be weeks where you stop altogether. The important part is that you stay focused on your longterm goals and get back in the gym to work towards them.

Your toes to bar or double-unders or back squats may seem harder after a two or three week hiatus from the gym, but your mindset dictates how you take this. You can choose to go home and sulk about it, talking yourself out of future visits. Or you can attack the challenge head-on and show the world just how resilient you really are. After a couple weeks of consistent visits, I promise you will be right back to where you were before.

"But Chase, I'm SO busy." All I'll say to that is I promise you there is someone busier than yourself making their fitness a priority, because they want to be the best version of themselves for both their own wellbeing and to be the best mother / father / role model that they can possibly be.

So if you've been away for a while or even spotty with attendance, making excuses that we all know can be avoided, it's time to rearrange your mindset and get yourself back in the gym crushing some workouts.

I'll keep this one short because you need to close your browser and go RSVP for your next class. See you soon.


Chase Tolleson

CFL2, CF Weightlifting, USAW Sports Performance Coach