Don't Close Your Eyes

Sunday, September 9, 2018 - 07:42

Okay first, story time. I have this trick I use for seeing in the dark when I have to wakeup in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, I keep one eye closed while in the bathroom so  that eye won't adjust to high light situations. This way, when I walk back into my dark bedroom I can open that eye and still see as well as possible.

This morning I used my trick during the early morning light. It wasn't so dark that I needed to keep an eye shut in the bathroom but I did, out of habit. When returning to the bedroom it was surprising to me just how dark it looked through the eye that was opened. I could see barely anything. The eye that was closed, however failed to pickup on the morning light starting to come in through the window. It wanted to live in the dark. That eye thought "This is normal. Life is dark."

Has anyone figured out where I'm going with this? What you see in life is your choice. If you are making it a habit to only focus on the dark, negative side of life, this is where your mind will start to live. Your brain will never adjust to seeing the positive if you don't let it.

"Oh here we go. Positive thinking only, blah blah blah." On the contrary, that's not the way. You need to first learn to focus on the objective side of what's happening. Understand that every situation that you perceive as negative could just be a neutral situation. Focus on the why and the how, and you will gain an appreciation and understanding for why things are the way they are.

Negativity is like gravity. Whether or not you understand how it works or acknowledge its existence, it will have an affect on you and weigh you down. What you dwell on is your choice and yours alone. You can choose to focus on your long workday or your cranky boss or the stressful side of just about anything happening in life, or you can take an objective look at it and realize it's not all bad, that many of these complications have been created by overthinking and by your closed eye actively looking to find the dark.

Now here's the crazy part. Once you learn to switch from negative thinking to neutral thinking, the positivity comes naturally. You don't need to force a smile or laugh because that's what the latest self-help book said to do. Once you understand where the negativity is coming from and process it in a more healthy way, the smiles and laughter will be natural and abundant.