Put. Down. The Ego.

Thursday, February 14, 2019 - 09:31

Ego can present itself in many forms and for most, they don’t realize their ego is what is holding them back.

So often you hear ego, and the mind will go to someone who walks in the room chest held high and expects all of the attention to be showered in their direction. This is fair, that is how a “big ego” has been painted.

However, ego can create stories we tell ourselves and keep us from finding our own truths. Ego can hold us back from looking objectively at a situation and being able to see it for what it is, and not twist it into something else. Ego can lead us to having knee-jerk reactions before truly understanding where someone else might be coming from or how their filters shine light on the situation for them.

It is easy to get wrapped up in storytelling and not accept our own truths. We tell ourselves one story, one acquaintance another, and a whole different story to the next person. The thing is, you may believe each story yourself when passing it along but really you’re saying what will best get you out of the situation and keep you from digging deep to find – and admit – your own truths. Or maybe you already know your truths and don’t want to be seen as fragile or vulnerable. I promise you, your friends, family, and coworkers will respect you more if you’re honest with yourself and with them. More importantly, you’ll be able to go through the day without a monkey on your back and will have a clear vision of what needs to be worked on to improve your quality of life.

Sometimes, ego can create a single story and put it in your head. No matter who you talk to or what it is they say, you fall back to that same ego-driven story. Stop that. Sometimes – most of the time actually – their intentions actually aren’t negative. I can say with pretty good certainty that by taking a step back and looking at the situation objectively and from a “30,000 foot view” that you will see it for the simple happening it truly is, and your day will be that much better. If you find yourself upset and stewing over something relatively inconsequential all day and night, it might be (read:probably is) ego.

Slow down. Take a breath. I can tell you that as I have grown as a business owner this has been my greatest lesson. To resist the urge to jump down someone’s throat because they made an honest mistake or didn’t follow procedure is something at which I have had to work very hard. Knee-jerk reactions do not do a lick of good for anyone involved. Take a step back, take a few deep breaths, and ask yourself if this needs to happen right now – or even at all. Will your temper tantrum fix the situation? Will it convey your point better than you could if you were to calm down and organize your thoughts before talking? Those are rhetorical, by the way. You should know the answers.

So please, guys. Stop taking life so seriously. In the history of the universe our life is but a tiny blip. Enjoy the time while you’re here. Make friends, laugh, and treat others well. If you don’t drop the ego now you’ll be old and bitter before you know it, wishing you had listened to that self righteous coach with a blog.


-Chase Tolleson


USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach

CrossFit Weightlifting

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