You Have to Use It

Friday, July 19, 2019 - 07:05

Buying a racecar doesn't make you a good driver.

Hiring a financial planner doesn't automatically make you retire wealthy.

And paying for a coach, a gym membership, or a nutrition plan does not make you more fit.

You make you more fit. Your actions, your lifestyle choices, and your discipline.

Before we get ANY further - some of you may be saying "but Chase I'm happy where I am, training an hour a day and enjoying my life." If you are truly happy where you are and don't have any goals that seem unattainable, close this post because it's not for you.

However if you are frustrated because you seem stuck in the proverbial mud, let's chat.

"I'll start next week."

"After the holidays."

"It's not fair I don't have their genetics."

Chances are that if you are reading this you have made the decision to join a gym or hire a coach to make a better version of yourself. Now hear this.

That is only the first, tiny step.

The rest is up to you, but you have to be open to it.

Your coach wants to help you. Your trainers do know what will make you improve. They want to see you in a better place both mentally and physically. Chances are that they have seen someone in your shoes before, trying to move from a similar point "a" to a similar point "b". They have a very good idea about which choices, movements, and lifestyle habits will help get you there. That is what they are there for and (one would assume) it is why you started paying them in the first place.

So your coach told you to start tracking everything you eat because you've stalled on your way to your goals, but you either: wait until after the weekend because, well, it's the weekend or: you don't track the handful of snacks or the two drinks per night. Listen, nobody is asking anyone to be a robot about their life. Go out, enjoy yourself, have that snack. But don't say "this isn't working." If you're not doing "this" to begin with.

Maybe instead have a real talk with yourself about whether or not your goals align with the lifestyle you want to live. Will the habits that get you to your goal be sustainable and fulfilling once you're there? Or will you burnout and backslide? Only you can answer this, and please answer honestly.

ASK yourself which is more important to you and will lead to a happy and fulfilled life. If the weekend fun is more fulfilling than is tracking food so you can get a handle on intake, then maybe we need to realign the goals to be more realistic with the lifestyle. Being "lean" or "diced" or having abs takes work and once you get there you have to make that work into a lifestyle or you'll yo-yo your way through life. On the flip side, if the goals are more important to long term fulfillment - if you want to set yourself up to be a healthy and vital 80 yr old - then maybe it's time to start being more selective about the weekend (or weeknight) fun. The choice is yours, but you do have to choose.

Movement. Your coaches know movement (if they don't, run) and are there to help you with pain free movement and progress. If you tell your coach that "it's fine" when they ask about your nagging pain but in reality you're not fine, you are killing their ability to help you. Some of their choices or modifications for you may seem lackluster but I can promise you that any worthwhile coach is helping you, even if it doesn't feel like it. There are some movements that have been glamorized by those who do fitness racing professionally but have no place in helping most people live a strong, healthy and vital life, especially if the requisite strength base is not there to avoid injury.

You want to get better. You're paying coaches to make you better. Help them help you.


Chase Tolleson


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